A Comedy Show or Just Plain Satire

November 27, 2008 at 2:07 am (Uncategorized)

js-scCall it fake news; call it an insult to the journalism or even a mockery, but for its audience news satire is considered a humorous way to point out people’s mistakes, or make public commentaries about society, while stimulating laughter.


Satirist comedians such as Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, occasionally classified as fake journalists have their own show on Comedy Central and focus on taking the traditional news stories and turning them into humorous reports, which in cases are not accurate.


News satire is what makes depressing and discouraging news facts, funny and worth watching. Newscasters are not allowed to reveal emotion.  No one can distinguish when their happy or stroked with horror, however, satirists like Colbert and Jon Stewart pretending to be newsmen show all facial impression while mocking their news stories, and that’s what makes them extremely hilarious. They have multiple personalities that go from ‘political analysts’ to sports anchors and lastly to celebrity hosts.


On the Colbert Report, Colbert’s show although his reports can be falsely taken as real news stories, there are times where he speaks the truth in an outrageously comical way; an example is a segment that was aired on July 31/08 where he tries to defend and at the same time mocks Barry Bonds ‘alleged’ use of steroids. Colbert defends him and gives him the befit of the doubt but at the same time he says, “Everyone just needs to take a chill pill, and, if cant find chill pills, Barry knows a guy.”


Colbert Report Video



On the same segment he also makes fun of the Iraqi soccer team and says that for the first time there has been “victory in Iraq.”  


On the other hand, Jon Stewart’s show The Daily Show is even funnier; it has been considered the “Best Talk Show Host,” by Time Magazine and Stewart has been titled as one of the most influential people on the 2004 issue of the magazine.


The thing that makes these two shows a little bit more credible is the fact that they look at the news stories from a different eye. Society has realized that ‘real’ news is not impartial either, so the best way to be informed is to watch news entertainment programs such as The Colbert Report or The Daily Show. Although these shows may not be trustworthy, in some aspects they keep their audience entertain, without giving too much details and pretending to be an eye opener for Americans.



But the question remains Do Americans rather have The Colbert Report or The Daily Show as their primary sources of news or society has just lost focus?



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Celebrity ‘No, Thanks’ Politician ‘Yes, Please’

September 24, 2008 at 12:59 am (Uncategorized)



 Sarah Palin has been categorized as an inefficient candidate for the vice-presidency, someone whose unique way of diverting media questions has made her an easy target for reporters, journalist and comedians to criticize.   Journalists such as David Carr have been questioning Sarah Palin’s intellectual experience on the issues and challenges that our country has had for decades.

  Gov. Palin is a lovable, pretty and charming woman but the million dollar questions would be is she prepared to take the lead of the second highest job in the world?   Is Ms. Palin more than the just a beauty queen? Is she someone to trust? Or Do Americans know her enough to let her walk into the White House? She might be a great mother, an amazing human being, whose life has been a fairy-tale story and a woman, who has accomplished huge things throughout her life, without the help of the “MEE-de-ah,” (that’s her way of pronouncing it.) but is the United States ready to give her the VP title?

On David Carr’s article “Drawing a Bead on the Press,” he speaks about Ms. Palin unfamiliarity with the media, with famous magazines as well as hosts of television shows. The fact is that her unusual way of saying things and her unfamiliarity with the media industry what makes Sarah Palin a good candidate for Vice president. Who would want a candidate that has been seen on every television show, that has been on the cover of every magazine all over America, who would want someone who is like a Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan as a candidate; whose private life is not a secret to the public. With this I’m not implying that we should not know in depth our candidate for vice presidency, and her intentions, but there is not need for the public to know what Sarah Palin eats for lunch, what cloth brand she wears or what is she doing on Sundays in the afternoon.  I consider that we the ‘people’ deserve a politician who can give more than just an image, or more than words, and Ms. Palin is one of them.  

 Ms. Palin is not afraid of what the media might say about her. On David Carr’s article she expresses her feelings towards reporters and commentators saying, “I’m not going to Washington to seek their good opinion, I’m going to Washington to serve the people of this country.” Obviously, she is aware of what the media might do to her image if she lets them into her life.

  Although she might not wear the latest fashion designer cloth or read Cosmopolitan magazine she is the perfect representation of “Femininity,” as Carr said. And I agree her not so feminine attitude, her skills, and her wonder woman image is what captivates people. Ms. Palin has the total package, unlike others as Julie O’ Hara says, “she can do it all, an amazing role model.”  Julie O’ Hara mentions several successful women who have it all; a career, the fame and money anyone would ask for, and yet would not be able to raise a family of five while running for Vice President.

 Ms. Palin is a woman just like many, whose hard work, strength and toughness has giving her the opportunity to make history.

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Sweet revenge for the Mets

September 9, 2008 at 9:12 pm (Uncategorized)

Last Sunday the Mets had one last chance for payback against the Phillies. After the eight games the Phillies won against the Mets the past season, last Sunday the Mets retaliated winning one of two games against the Phillies, 6-3. But this win was not an easy task, in the opener Phillies beat the Mets, 6-2 but it was Carlos Delgado’s two home runs and the crucial performance of Johan Santana that gave the Mets the victory during the second game; now placing the team with a two game lead over the Philadelphia Phillies in the NL. This sweet win alleviates and consoles the team after the news that Mets closer Billy Wagner will not be present during the rest of the season after finding out that he will have surgery for pain in his left elbow.

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Hello world!

September 3, 2008 at 12:04 am (Uncategorized)

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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